Virtual Offices

Private Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships incorporated in England & Wales are legally required to have a registered office address within the same jurisdiction. A registered office address is required to be displayed on all correspondence including your business website. A service address in a prominent location can help improve your companies image whilst keeping your personal address private, secure and off public record. The Boston House Team can be trusted to provide you with a secure and reliable registered office service.

Mail Box from £30 per month
Our mailbox service gives you the ability to use our business address on your own marketing material. It also offers companies the benefit of a business address but without actually renting physical space. Our mail forwarding service allows you choose from same day, weekly or monthly forwarding to your designated address. You can also choose to have same day scanning or even collection in person. Using the business address Boston House provides a fantastic impression to your clients, potentially helping you to win new business. If you need to meet a client simply talk to our team about booking one of our meeting rooms or a day office.

Virtual Office from £80 per month
A virtual office gives you the ability to use our address as your own business address and advertise that you are based here, without physically being here day to day. Best of all, no-one needs to know that you don’t have an office here, especially when you can hire a meeting room or day office when you need one. We will also allocate you a local 01235 phone number which will be answered by our friendly and professional team as someone that works for your company.

Virtual Office Plus from £130 per month
The most popular of our virtual office products is the Virtual Office Plus, this gives you the image boosting benefits of our other packages along with the ability to use a day office for you plus a guest 5 days per month. It’s the perfect solution for home workers who want the ability to “go to work” once a week. It may be your time to do the accounts, hit the phones or get creative, our clients love it because it gives them the best of both worlds.

Sarah, Craig and Jo – the Boston House team – are immediately welcoming, friendly and helpful. Having a virtual office facility so close to my home office is very convenient, however the extra facilities such as the hub area and meeting rooms made it an easy choice.

Su Copeland – Priddey Marketing Ltd

The Benefits

Professional Address

An ideal solution for businesses looking to improve their image without the costs of renting an office.

Call Answering

Our dedicated and highly trained team can answer your calls as though they are part of your own organisation.

Mailbox Service

Benefit from having a professional business address but without the cost of renting space.

Admin Support

From processing emails, post and meeting room requests to answering the telephone, our team are here to help.

Access To Our Facilities

Gain access to not only telephone, postal and administrative support, but also our meeting rooms and day offices.

Centre Access

Virtual office clients are able to access the centre during office hours.